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Welcome to the e-Portfolio for LAI 199 in Fall 2019. This e-Portfolio* is a template you can use to submit your blog posts and your 3 Podcast Project assignments (one-pager, rough draft, final project). 


*An e-Portfolio is basically a mini-website for displaying your coursework and other things you want to share with your course, UB, or the public.


Digication is a digital product that UB purchased, to allow students, faculty, and staff to create e-Portfolios.

  • Digication also works like UBlearns where you can submit assignments and view your course info and resources. 
  • Digication allows coursework to be "published" and displayed in a viewer-friendly way. So, it goes beyond the function of UBlearns which is particular to a course. 
  • You can create as many e-Portfolios as you want. You will be required to submit one at the end of your UG time at UB. 
  • The UB Seminar requires students to submit at least one assignment using e-Portfolio. This is so students become familiar with e-Portfolio early, so when it's time to create the final one for graduation, the technology will be familiar. 

Resources for working with your e-Portfolio: 


Video Tutorials


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.